Catholic School Financial Assistance

With over $10 million in grants and scholarships available in the 2014-2015 academic school year, the gift of a Catholic School education is more affordable than you think. Our Financial Aid Estimator can give you an idea whether your family qualifies for need-based assistance. Additionally, there are merit-based scholarships available separate from financial aid.

Need-based assistance opportunities

To be considered for need-based tuition assistance, simply fill out one Student Aid Application to apply for TAP (for Archdiocesan secondary schools), tax credit program, local school funds, or a combination of the two.


Then mail your completed Student Aid Application and $28 application fee to:

Private School Aid Service
P.O. Box 89434
Cleveland, OH 44101-6434

The information collected on this application will allow you to be considered for an estimated Tuition Assistance Grant. In January 2014 you will be contacted and asked to submit your actual 2013 income documentation to complete the application and award process. Final awards will not be provided without documentation of income.


The Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Education coordinates and facilitates a program for tuition assistance for the 17 high schools that make up the secondary school system. While the available financial aid is awarded by the individual high schools, families complete an application that is used system-wide which allows them an opportunity to indicate interest in several schools. If a family has children attending Archdiocesan elementary schools, they can be included in this single application.

List of Qualifying Schools

Learn more about the 17 Catholic High Schools that currently qualify for the Tuition Assistance Program.


Scholarship opportunities

mortarboardMany schools also offer scholarships, separate from financial aid. Learn more about what’s available.